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Author Guidelines

Style and Format

For every submission it is necessary to ensure the following:

  1. The article is original and has not been published previously or been previously submitted to another journal.
  2. The document is in Word format and meets the style and bibliographic requirements outlined in these standards.
  3. The articles must address researches in the area of specialization of the journal: Social Sciences and Humanities. Although the journal pays special attention to applied social sciences (pedagogy, library science, administration, international relations …), and social interaction (such as sociology, economics, and political science), in exceptional cases, other areas may also be accepted related.
  4. The Author will be responsible for the text, results, and conclusions specified in their contribution. The journal reserves the right to publish, like Letters to the Editor, the opinions of other Authors, provided that they are based on scientific criteria and within the framework of a respectful debate of ideas, as is usual in these cases following international practice. The Journal will not publish articles of commercial character or political support to third parties.

All works are subject to an initial evaluation by the Chief Editor and the Section Editors. After the approval, the reviewers are assigned, for which the Editorial Committee reserves the right to publish the articles that meet the publication criteria established in the Journal.

For an article to be published, two positive evaluations must be obtained, even when they present corrections. After the review (which should not exceed eight weeks as a rule) the author is informed of the corrections necessary for the approval of the article.

For more details on the peer review process, please consult this section.

In the same way, the acceptance or rejection of the article will be communicated.

The works can be presented in Spanish or English.

As a rule, the works will not include more than three authors. The Journal does not assume any responsibility about the order of the authors, nor as to which of them is consigned as a Primary Contact.

In case of more than three Authors, the Editor and the Section Editors may authorize the publication if it is justified by the methodology used, for reasons of collaboration between Institutions, or the interdisciplinary nature of the same.

The abstract must have a maximum of 250 words.

Each collaboration must be accompanied by keywords, between three (3) and five (5) keywords.

All articles must include an abstract in the original language of the work and a second language.

All articles must include keywords or equivalents in the original language of the work and a second language.

The works will have a minimum of 15 pages and a maximum of 30 pages (letter size 8.5″ x 11″), with a Times New Roman typography at 12 points, with 1.5 of line spacing.

As a general rule, the structure of the articles and projects must have the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • Methodology
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusions
  • References

However, in some cases, the articles may have a simple structure of Introduction, Main Body, Conclusions, and, References. For more information, see the section policies.

The structure of the essays should be as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Main Body
  • Conclusions
  • References

The Author must review what type of scientific production his contribution is. The titles of the sections will be subject to the will of the author.

The sections and sub-sections can be listed, placing the titles in bold and aligned to the left with the title type format.

The mathematical symbols and formulas must be done with the respective function in the text editor or support program.

The graphics, tables, and images must have their title and source, if necessary must be presented in additional files.

Articles of scientific and investigative nature must be written in the third person of the singular (impersonal), and have adequate punctuation and spelling, preserving the balance in the structure of the paragraphs.

The author who submits the work must carefully note that all references are adequately listed at the end of the article, that the spelling of the names is the correct and that the dates given in the text are the same as those in the references.

Avoid quotes from unreliable sources, especially in the case of those from the internet.

Revista Publicando uses APA style.

Refrain from submitting articles in thesis format, the thesis results may be adapted and transformed into articles, but documents that do not comply with the form established for this journal will not be accepted.

This set of rules may vary over time. Therefore, changes made in it will be published on the date agreed to its implementation.

The articles that are selected for publication will not receive any monetary compensation.

Revista Publicando can send certificates of publication if requested by the authors.

Last but not least, avoid quotes from unreliable sources, especially in the cases of the internet. 

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