List of Digital Tools for Researchers

We share with our readers a collection of digital tools that are designed to help researchers explore the millions of research articles available to the date. Search engines help you quickly find the items that interest you and keep you updated with the literature. The article viewing tools improve your reading experience.

In the list, you can also find applications for the management of large data sets. Mastering these programs, along with programming codes, is a necessary step for most researchers today.

For better or for worse, the fields of researching, publishing and content creation, today involve a sophisticated development of tools to store and share data and codes efficiently that universities and educational institutions mostly are not ready to grant. Either by the sectoralization of knowledge, the lack of resources, or the implementation of corporate models that are alien to the logic of academic expertise.

These tools are increasingly necessary as the exchange of data and codes becomes the norm and a requirement for most funding agencies.

Finally, the reader will also find tools that help researchers communicate with each other and find experience for new collaborations.

We hope that the list will be a stimulus to the development of knowledge and research.

You can consult the list at the following electronic address:

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