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Revista Publicando Volumen 8 número 28With this issue, Revista Publicando opens a new volume and cycle that leaves 2020 behind. Over almost 12 months we have experienced loneliness and distances, lockdowns and unexpected departures. However, we have not wanted to forget the profound symbolism of this moment to thank you for all the expressions of solidarity you have given us during the pandemic.

We want to thank you because, despite everything, the year that is ending has been a period of uninterrupted growth for our journal and academic platform. Not only in quantitative terms but also qualitative. Many of those successes will translate into new services and opportunities that we will be offering beginning with this volume.

With this issue, we also want to reaffirm our work as a platform that stimulates reflection, research, and intervention in contemporary social life aspects. The pages that we present below are a faithful reflection of our area’s great variety and heterogeneity.

This diversity is reflected in a compact volume that gathers articles related to information and communication, education and pedagogy, the impact of Covid19 and research on media and new technologies.

We want to invite you to join us with your reading, comments, or suggestions. All our social channels are open, as well as the emails.

We wish you a prosperous and healthy 2021.


Dr. Jorge González Arocha

Editorial Board – Revista Publicando


Table of Contents:


Ma. Concepción Soto Valenzuela, Leticia Irene Franco Gallegos, Leopoldo Refugio López Baca, Héctor Luis Medina López, Francisco Javier Flores Rico
Academic stress in university students and the practice of physical-sports exercise
Johana Maribel Balseca Mera, Anita Dalila Espín Miniguano, Aracelly del Rocío Portero Castillo
Marketing of Ecuadorian Influencers: effectiveness of content within the YouTube platform
Josefina Ilda Calique Moisés Amaral, Yanara Dorado Santana
Proposal to create a management file for the Department of Academic Affairs of the Higher Institute of Communication Sciences (ISUCIC)
Dr. Sergio Humberto Quiñonez Pech, Dra. Gladis Ivette Chan Chi
Perception of primary level teachers regarding digital citizenship
Jenniffer Alexandra Candonga Valencia, Paola Samaniego García
Perception of work risks in the university occupational field
Luz Alejandra Escalera Silva, Sandra Rubí Amador Corral, Jesús España Lozano
Alternative justice in Covid-19 times: Mediators’ experience with online mediation in Nuevo León, Mexico
Dra. Mariana Cossio Ponce de León , M.T.B. Osiris Quiñones Domínguez, M.C. Alejandra Cossio Ponce de León
The Pedagogical continuity applied to higher education in pandemic times
Alisva Cárdenas-Pérez, Iralda Benavides Echeverría
Explanation of the economic growth in the Popular and Solidarity Economy through the application of the econometric model of Linear and Multiple Regression
Fernanda Monserrat Vargas López
Health education and accident prevention for taxi drivers of the San Francisco de Milagro cooperative
Ely Ruiz del Hoyo Loeza, Sergio Humberto Quiñonez Pech, William René Reyes Cabrera
Digital competence in secundary school teachers: The case of a public school in Yucatán, México
Dr. Salvador Jesús López Alonzo, Dr. Julio Cesar Guedea Delgado , Dr. Oscar Núñez Enríquez , Dra. Ma Concepción Soto Valenzuela, Dr. Gabriel Gastélum Cuadras
Perspectives on Curricular Standards for Physical Education in Mexico
Ana Cecilia Martí­nez Martí­nez, Soraya Madero Durán
Information needs study of the BIB-INEN user community, in support of the design of Selective Information Dissemination Service
Rayner García Hernández
The state of the appearance in media research
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