Covid-19 Social Sciences

Pandemic, the New Normality and the Social Virus

Open call for collaborations on the impact of Covid-19 in the Social Sciences

The reality of Covid-19 has hit our societies, leaving an unprecedented trail of problems. Since it started in December 2019, when the first reports circulated, we realized that we were facing a more complex phenomenon. From Asia to Europe and then from Europe to America, the effects have been felt in economic, social, political, and cultural aspects.

However, far from thinking that it is a reality with an immediate end, the medium and long term effects are beginning to be glimpsed in all our societies. Many examples reaffirm the latter, the impact of confinement, economic crises, demonstrations against the political class and its handling of the crisis, the rise of fundamentalism, the effect, and development of telework, among others.

In this context, and taking into account the immense variety of emerging themes, Revista Publicando opens its doors to authors interested in understanding the pandemic, the “new normality,” and the virus as a social category, from a complex and multidimensional perspective. The call will remain open indefinitely.

The articles that participate in this call will be processed at no cost and will be published in open access.

Some of the topics that may be addressed are:

  • The role of technology in global communication. Technology and education. Technology and privacy.
  • The role of social networks during the pandemic. Opening and return to “new normalities.” The impact and consequence of Fake News.
  • Politics, Science, and Technology. Relationship between politicians and scientists during a public health crisis. Public health collaborations between states. WHO’s role in a globalized world.
  • Leadership and political responsibility, the government facing confinement measures. Crisis management and popular discontent. Return of fundamentalisms, the crisis of democracy, and citizen participation in decision-making during times of confinement. The impact of different governance systems on virus reduction. Globalization.
  • Return to normality and economic, political, social, and cultural recovery.
  • The environmental impact of the pandemic.
  • Economic and commercial impacts: loss of income, employment, shrinking economies, and loss of market confidence. Rescue packages, their effectiveness, and their effects on different sectors of the economy.
  • Communication-related considerations: the rapid collective adoption of new phrases; the use of hashtags to drive behaviors (#stayhomesavelives, #quedateencasa).
  • Educational considerations: the impact of closed schools. Virtual education and online classes. Establishment of new learning practices.
  • Cultural factors: the role of artists and intellectuals in the organization of video events and live broadcasts. Mass culture in times of pandemic. Loss or strengthening of cultural identity?

About the Journal

Revista Publicando is a publication edited by Corporación Educativa SER (Ecuador) and Revista Publicando Publishing House (USA), which emerged in 2014 as a result of the First Course-Workshop “Publication in Indexed Journals” in Quito, Ecuador. Its main objective is the dissemination of original and academic quality material, mainly research articles, reviews, and essays in the area of ​​social sciences. The journal is aimed at researchers and professionals interested in understanding the social realm from these disciplines and their interdisciplinary intersection.

The working languages ​​of the journal are Spanish and English.

All the articles presented must be previously submitted to a peer-review led by experts under the double-blind system. In the case of contributions in Spanish, the abstract must be additionally translated into English with a maximum length of two hundred and fifty (250) words. Each collaboration must include keywords, between three (3) and five (5), in the original language and English. The works will have a minimum of 15 pages and a maximum of 30, in letter format (8.5 “x 11”), with a 12 point Times New Roman font and 1.5 line spacing.

The journal takes as reference the 6th Edition of the APA Standards Manual.

Contributions can be uploaded directly to the page or sent to the Editorial Board at the emails: or

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Important: The messages must be correctly identified and mention the participation in this call.

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