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Revista Publicando Signatory of the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA)

Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA)

In recent days, Revista Publicando decided to be part of the list of organizations, journals, and institutions signing the Declaration of San Francisco on the Evaluation of Research (DORA). Today we have received the good news that we are already included in the list of signatory organizations.

When entering that list, they not only have considered that we protect the quality of the investigation, but it also commits us more in the fight for excellence in the science.

The statement says that “a group of editors and publishers of scholarly journals met during the Annual Meeting of The American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) in San Francisco, CA, on December 16, 2012. The group developed a set of recommendations, referred to as the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment. ”


The declaration also recommends “not to use journal-based metrics, such as Journal Impact Factors, as a surrogate measure of the quality of individual research articles, to assess an individual scientist’s contributions, or in hiring, promotion, or funding decisions.”

Among other things, this step brings our journal closer to the increasingly demanded standards worldwide and to combating injustices and biased analyzes, based only on quantitative criteria that only a few can access.

We invite our readers to read or even sign the statement.

San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment


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