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New Editorial Team at Revista Publicando

Dear readers, authors, reviewers, editors, librarians, scientific and public community:

We want to inform you that after months of intense work and legal processes with SiteGround, the company responsible for the domain name and hosting of the journal, we have finally managed to re-establish our passwords and administrative privileges.

We remind you that on July 19, 2018, Professor Dr. Jorge González Alonso, director, and general editor, died in the city of Guayaquil, leaving behind a great dream and a scientific work reflected in all his research projects, writings, and papers.

In his 77 years of life, Dr. González Alonso was a tireless fighter in favor of free access to information and new technologies in the educational sector. This is seen in the more than 45 international projects undertaken at different levels in countries such as Cuba, Ecuador, Germany, Mexico, Colombia, Honduras, El Salvador, United States, Spain, among others.

  • Regrettably, malicious individuals decided to take advantage of his work and made changes and publications in Revista Publicando, a space that Dr. Alonso created to promote high-impact scientific publications in Ecuador and the great south.
  • After months of deliberation, SiteGround has restored the passwords to the original heirs of that idea.
  • From which the following measures have been adopted:
  • The current and renewed Revista Publicando stands out from the publications, editorial policies, and transformations that the personnel mentioned above performed in this site.
  • A new Editorial Board is established, and the first actions are already being taken to organize the process of editing, reviewing and publishing the journal as soon as possible.
  • The scientific committee of reviewers is created from the journal’s database. Which has more than one thousand registered reviewers with a scientific category from different institutions in the world.
  • To perfect the automation of the editorial process, as is characteristic of the Open Journal System. Which, in coming weeks, will be updated to its new version.
  • To continue promoting a Science of free access to all interested public.
    To keep working to place the journal in the center of attention of academic life in Ecuador, Latin America, and the Global South.
  • To encourage all interested parties to disseminate their research and professional work in two significant areas of incidence. On the one hand, the relationship of education and cultural and social studies; and on the other, the intersection between education and technology, information science and data science.

Those interested in publishing with us can go to the Author Guidelines page, and consult the rules and style of Revista Publicando. If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us. In our Contact page, you can find our postal address, emails, and telephone numbers.

In other words, we want you to be part of the new history of Revista Publicando,




Dr. Jorge González Arocha,

General Editor, Revista Publicando

Editorial Team

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Doctor en Ciencias Filosóficas (2017), ha sido profesor del Departamento de Filosofía de la Universidad de La Habana y Director Académico del Centro Cultural Calazans (Cuba) en conjunto con la Universidad Cristóbal Colón (México). Es autor del libro "Una pasión inútil. Muerte y libertad en la Obra Filosófica de Jean-Paul Sartre". Co-autor de antologías y textos para la enseñanza de ciencias sociales, filosofía y metodología de la investigación social. Ensayista en medios de divulgación y prensa digital. Recientemente como profesor invitado ha impartido conferencias en Belgrado y Grecia. A nivel regional ha sido Primer Premio en la categoría de ensayo en Ciencias Sociales por la revista académica TEMAS; Primer Premio en el Concurso Internacional de Ensayos "Enséñame a pensar", organizado por UNESCO, Revista Utopía e instituciones de México y Colombia en el 2013; entre otros premios y reconocimientos. Ha sido editor y revisor en diversas revistas académicas. Actualmente es Editor General de Revista Publicando y Director de Dialektika. Miembro de Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy (SPEP)

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