Revista Publicando in Latindex Catalog (Methodology 2.0)

Revista Publicando in Latindex Catalog (Methodology 2.0)

Latindex – Catalog (Methodology 2.0)

Yesterday, our Editorial Board received the news that Revista Publicando has been approved in Latindex – Catalog (Methodology 2.0).
The journal had already been included in the directory, but as of October 2018 and as part of the improvement of Latindex’s work, a new methodology was introduced. “The objective of this new list of characteristics is to reinforce the pedagogical and didactic role that Latindex has been playing with the editors since the catalog appeared in 2002.”
With this, in addition, the cataloged journals seek to promote the professionalization of editorial groups, the improvement of customer service, as well as the generation of content, and the ability to add value-added services.

Advantages of Methodology 2.0

According to the organization, the advantages of belonging to Latindex are the following:

  • Be part of a recognized network of international cooperation in the area of ​​scientific and academic journals.
  • Work for the systematization, registration, and dissemination of Latin American journals and Latin American content.
  • Create national databases of academic journals using recognized standards.
  • Increase the quality, use, and visibility of the journals of each participating country.
  • Receive and provide advice and technical training in scientific publishing.
  • Share and exchange specialized information.
  • Benefit from the organization of academic and training events.
  • Access to support granted by other institutions for the development of the cooperative work of the System.
  • Establish collaborative links with other agencies that have similar objectives.

According to the official website of the institution, “with this proposal, it is also intended to give the Catalog a new category as a reliable reference for journals of high academic quality while serving as a compendium of good editorial practices.”

We want to extend our congratulations to readers, authors, reviewers, and editors who have participated (directly or indirectly) in this new achievement of Revista Publicando.

Visit the Profile of Revista Publicando in Latindex

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